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Farmer Browns Camp

Mission of Camp


This is an ongoing adventure for making friends and creating lifetime memories in a safe, beautiful, natural environment. It’s wonderfully crazy, it can be messy and it’s different from our normal, everyday lives. Camp provides time to “unplug” from electronic devices, TV, and get out into nature! At camp, we have the opportunity to learn more about plants, animals, outdoor skills and develop deep friendships.


This camp is targeted for children who like to be outside and want to have fun and meet new friends and of the ages from 7 - 13 years old.



We are planning to have all activities outside and distanced as much as possible. We will limit groups to 6 children. We will also be supplying a camp gator mask. We will follow the CDC guidelines for safety and provide updates via on how we are handling the guidance. 

Family Farm

The Brown Family has owned and operated this farm since 1886, we are strong supporters of Agriculture, teaching, and farming.  We support the local 4-H community.

At Farmer Brown Camp, every child is given the opportunity to become a farmer for a week. Each “farmer” is given equal opportunity to enrich their knowledge of agriculture. Every “farmer”, no matter their background in agriculture, is welcome to attend Farmer Brown Camp. While at camp, every “farmer” will be given the same opportunities to grow, learn, and play. 

Want to be involved as a camp counselor for Farmer Brown Camp? - Print and fill out form and e-mail us your application.

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